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Sunday Scaries Hemp Extract Gummies w/Vitamins for That Cool, Calm & Collected Feeling ֠10MG Each Gummy ֠20 Total Hemp Gummies

WHO WE ARE: At Sunday Scaries, we believe in living chill and worry-free lives. We do this by being raw, honest, approachable and by making products that are relatable on a personal level. We just happen to make the best hemp extract products. WHO YOU ARE: You’re a workhorse. You are excitable, expressive and social. You get amped by taking risks and feel bored without lots of action going on. You think it is important to take care of the people around you. And you are highly motivated to enjoy life to the fullest. THE BEST INGREDIENTS FOR THE BEST CUSTOMERS: Lab Tested Twice! Plus, unlike many companies who source their questionable hemp from China, we source our high quality hemp from family-owned farms just outside of Denver, Colorado. We’ve been to them, shaken the owner’s hand (his name is Scott!) and taken tractor tours of the hemp fields. WE’RE NOT MARKETING PRODUCTS, WE’RE MARKETING A FEELING: If you don’t 100% love Sunday Scaries, we always offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We’re in the awesome-and-worry-free-business, not in the charging-you-for-something-you-don’t-like business. ONE FAN-FAVORITE GUMMY, MANY USES A more calmed ‘Me’ that’s worry-free Finding that balanced & collected feeling Taking the edge off after a long day of work Feeling relaxed before seeing family & friends Boosting your chillness before bed

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