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Lҥlan Vital Body Perfect Intensive Sculpting x 30

A lightweight serum enriched with high performance, award winning ingredients Lipout and Provislim that helps to visibly contour, firm and smoothen the appearance of stubborn “imperfections” for a more toned, defined and streamlined look. Nourishing formula provides an instant surge of comfort to skin while leaving behind a delicate, fresh scent.

Firms and tones by improving elasticity for a tighter, more taut and toned appearance Delivers clinically proven results of fat burning activation, reduction of body perimeter and reduction of subcutaneous fat layer thickness Moisturises and smoothens by improving the moisture retaining properties of skin and helps stimulates cell renewal for softer, silky-smooth skin Shapes and contours by activating thermogenesis that increases metabolism by up to 2000% and minimises even the most persistent cellulite

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